The ‘50s return to Ada main street with Elvis Presley tribute

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

by Chickasaw Nation Media Relations Office

Elvis will enter the McSwain Theatre building 7 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 12, to perform classics like “Jailhouse Rock,” “Blue Moon” and “Heartbreak Hotel.”

Not the original King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, but the globe-trotting performer known as the world’s best young Elvis -- Travis LeDoyt -- will be strumming strings and shaking hips.

“We have so many loyal fans in Oklahoma, playing in Ada is like coming home for us,” LeDoyt said. “It's great to see our fans and hopefully make some new ones.”

This will be the fourth time for LeDoyt to bring his dynamic showmanship and uncanny performances through Ada’s McSwain, bringing a crowd of fans with him. He said he looks forward to getting out into the crowd while performing and meeting with folks after the show.

McSwain general manager Judy McLellan said the audience is always full of new faces when LeDoyt comes to town. His fans drive in so they can travel back in time with his tunes.

“Folks will certainly be taken aback by his music and looks,” McLellan said. “It’s always an action-packed show. Everyone seems mesmerized by how much he sounds like Elvis.”

Being born in Greenfield, Massachusetts, the year Elvis died, LeDoyt never had the opportunity to see Elvis perform live. But, he did get his hands on Presley’s early Sun Studio recordings.

“I played those CDs every day,” LeDoyt said. “If they had been vinyl records or even tapes, I would have worn them out.”

He had a tendency to sing along. His father took notice and gifted young LeDoyt a karaoke machine for Christmas. All of his practice led to a school talent show, which snowballed into invitations to perform at local events.

As LeDoyt matured, he found his voice and appearance were remarkably similar to Elvis’. He also found he had a natural ability to move like Elvis, and after his first performance in tribute to Presley, he found the public response to be overwhelming.

He said he enjoys introducing young people, new listeners, to Elvis’ music. And it is just as important to give long-time fans the same real ‘50s and ‘60s experience.

“I remember how excited I was when I first heard the music and saw the footage of Elvis, and I hope they are getting that same feeling,” LeDoyt said. “ It's an honor for me to do what I do. As long as they come, we will continue to do our best to respectfully pay tribute to the greatest artist of all time."

Today, LeDoyt offers anyone who never got to see the King live the next best thing. His tribute captures the essence of Elvis in his prime. An authentic three-piece band rounds the show out--including an upright bass, guitar and drums.

He and his crew have traveled across the United States performing in casinos, theme parks, fairs, festivals and car shows.

They’ve taken the show to international fans in places like Canada, China, Chile and Belgium. LeDoyt even has tours through England and Scotland under his belt. Though, not one of those large, extra-wide, gold and jewel encrusted belts. Those didn’t come along until later in Presley’s career.

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